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AlistairBatey.tv: Tripod
Live event coverage needs 100% dependable equipment, there are rarely second chances, and there is no time to experiment with set ups. I am fully equipped to cover any kind of event, and I choose the most reliable and trusted gear.

Sony PMW-500 XDCam High Definition Camcorder
Sony DSR 450 DVCam Standard Definition Camcorder
Fujinon 13x6.3 BERM lens
Fujinon lens Fujinon SRD 92B remote zoom
Sachtler DV15 Tripod
Sennheiser 416 mic
Sennheiser radio mic kit
Beyer M58 stick mics
Sony ECM 77 lapel mics
PAG camera top-light
Sachtler 300w mains lighting system
IDX battery system
JVC 16” 4:3 / 16:9 switchable monitor
Avid Xpress Pro non-linear editing system